Ink Rubbings of Yuezhou Engravings of Jin and Tang Small Regular Script

Ink Rubbings of Yuezhou Engravings of Jin and Tang Small Regular Script

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  • Dynasty: Wei, Jin, Southern & Northern Dynasties (Six Dynasties)
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  • Author: 王羲之
  • Form: 冊(摺裝‧方幅式)
  • Description:
    The imitation of small regular script in the Jin and Tang Dynasties was popular in the Song Dynasty, with Shi Bangzhe of Yuezhou in the early Southern Song Dynasty as the most famous. Most scholars believe that Li Zonghan’s Collection of Small Regular Script in Jin and Tang Dynasties in the Qing Dynasty was originally carved by Shi’s family. Compared with those collected in the courtyard, it has the same characteristics On Leyi>Elegant and elegant, with exquisite strokes and carefree characters Tablet for Filial Daughter Cao E The knot is flat and has the meaning of office, which is simple and innocent Li Ming Calligraphy>The pen is simple, the structure is broad, and the style is rich in antiquity Wang Xizhi’s Calligraphy of Meeting Wei Zhongyou Bingshe is elegant and vivid, full of natural interest. The last two posts have not been received in the collection of Li Zonghan, but the subtleties of these two posts are still the best ones handed down from generation to generation.

宋拓越州刻晉唐小楷 冊 晉王羲之書樂毅論01

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