Jade collared disc, Longshan culture to late Shang dynasty, 2300-1027 BCE

Japanese collared disc, Longshan culture to late Shang dynamics, 2300-1027 BCE

  • Image Number:K1B017727N000000001PAB Material:Mineral/jade jewelry/
  • Description:
    Flange wall, dark yellow brown, Surface gloss. The wall is engraved with the poem “Chanting Jade, Holding a Child, and Eternal Music, Shaping a Tea Cup” written by Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Dynasty in the fiftieth year of Qianlong’s reign (1785). The poem was received in Volume XIII of “Five Episodes Made by the Emperor”. It can be seen from the content of the poem that the device is grouped with the white porcelain lamps (hence 17727 porcelain) in the courtyard with the poem engraved on them. The convex edge of the inner ring of this utensil can be used as the bracket of the white porcelain cup

新石器時代晚期 凸緣璧

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