Drum with raised frogs, late Eastern Han to Six Dynasties, 2nd-6th century

Drum with raised frogs, late Eastern Han to Six Dynasties, 2nd-6th century

  • Image Number: C1A000631N000000000PAD
  • Dynasty: Eastern Han dynasty
  • Category: Bronzes
  • Archival dimension: 高54.7公分 面徑77.5公分
  • Function: Musical Instruments
  • Material: Mineral/Metal/Bronze
  • Description:
    Southern bronze drum. The drum body is made of three sections, hollow and bottomless. The chest is bulging, the waist is contracted in, and the feet are curled out. There are three flat ring ears between the chest and waist, and there are rectangular perforations on the ears. The drum face is decorated with a sun pattern in the center, with twelve awns. The awn body is convex, and between the awns there is a feather eye pattern. From the inside to the outside, the halo ring can be seen with cloud patterns, deformed feather man patterns, deformed egret patterns and eye patterns. There are four three-dimensional statues of frogs on the edge of the drum face, and the frog body is decorated with cross stripes. There is another bird between the two frogs. The drum body is also decorated with patterns, mainly including deformed rowing pattern, double line cross pattern, circle pattern, water ripple pattern, etc. According to the unearthed data, this drum should belong to the cold water flushing type in Guangxi, dating from the late Eastern Han Dynasty to the Southern Dynasty.

東漢末至六朝 立蛙紋鼓

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