Kong Biao Stele

Kong Biao Stele

  • Image Number: The Tomb Chief’s Tomb Stele of Confucius Mansion was carved in the fourth year of Jianning in the Eastern Han Dynasty (171), The original stone is now in the Confucius Temple in Qufu, Shandong Province. Kong Biao, the owner of the monument, is the 19th grandson of Confucius. Young people are eager to learn, and learn from the countryside by virtue; After holding the post of filial piety and incorruptibility, the officials devoted themselves to their duties, and Yu Boling was famous for his political achievements. Empress Biao resigned from his post as the governor of Hedong due to illness, and soon passed away. Cui Lie and Cui Hui, the subordinates of Boling, are grateful for the political integrity, and are dedicated to building a monument that will last forever. The inscription calligraphy is clear, vigorous and ancient, which is regarded as one of the finest Han steles by the public

漢孔彪碑 軸

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