Seal cast with inscription “Jun si ma yin,” Han dynasty (206 B.C.E. – 220 C.E.)

Seal cast with annotation “Jun si ma yin,” Han dynamity (206 B.C.E. – 220 C.E.)

  • Image Number:K1A000532N000000000PAB
  • Dynasty:Han dynamity
  • Category:Bronzes
  • Function:Seal
  • Material:Mineral/metal/bronze, The copper is red in color, with four words in white, “Jun Sima Seal”. The characteristic of boundless white prose rose in the Han Dynasty, and buttons were used for tying ropes easily. In the Han Dynasty, the seals of officials at all levels were made, with gold being the highest, followed by silver and copper. Sima is the name of a military officer. The Book of the Han Dynasty, a table of officials and officials: “At the beginning of the fourth year of the Yuan Dynasty, we set up Dasima”, and “The Book of the Later Han Dynasty, a Hundred Officials’ Annals” said: “There are five battalions of senior generals, with one commander, two thousand stones; and one military commander, one horse, two thousand stones.” “Junsima” is higher than “Junqu Marquis” and below “Tribal Generals”


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