Shi Chen Stele

Shi Chen Stele

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    The Shi Chen Stele is now in the Confucius Temple in Qufu, Shandong Province. The original stone is 23.1cm high and 1.12cm wide, Stone is carved on both sides. This volume is the expansion of the tablet sun, which is called the monument before Shi Chen. The content of this volume is the inscription of Shi Chen, the minister of Lu in the second year of Jianning of the Eastern Han Dynasty (169). It records that he paid a visit to Confucius when he was an official and wrote a letter to invite him to pay tribute to Confucius every spring and autumn. Together with the Sacrificial Ware and Yi Ying, it is called the three famous steles of Confucius Temple. The strokes are gentle and rich, the fonts are square and upright, and the back strokes and the Yan tail strokes are accentuated at the end of the strokes. It is a masterpiece of the inscriptions on official script tablets in the Eastern Han Dynasty. This piece was expanded after Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty, and Zhang Zuyi’s (1849-1917) inscription at the end of the book was rated as an excellent rubbings in the late Qing Dynasty

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