Crossbow with silver inlay, late Warring States Period to Han Dynasty, c. 3rd century B.C.E.

Crossbow with silver inlay,late Warring States Period to Han Dynasty, c. 3rd century B.C.E.

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  • Dynamy:Warring States period
  • Category:Bronzes
  • Function:Weapon
  • Material:Mineral/Metal/Bronze
  • Description:
    The crossbow machine is a basic component of the ancient Chinese long-range equipment crossbow, which is installed at the rear end of the crossbow arm, Used to aim, shoot, and control the tension of the bow string. Its body is rectangular, with folding shoulders extending on both sides, which looks like an inverted “convex” character, named “Guo”. This kind of Guo shape can firm the components to increase the emission strength and range; There are sagittal grooves on the upper part of the Guo, and two slotted holes beside the sagittal grooves, which are divided into “teeth” and “mountain watching”. The teeth are used to hang strings, and the mountain watching is used as a sight, while the lower part of the Guo is a “hanging knife”. The upper part is convex, and the lower part is long, which is used as a board machine; Guo body has two keys to go through, respectively fixing the position of the teeth, hanging knife and Wangshan. When in use, hang the string on the tooth, place the arrow slot, and move the hanging knife. The tooth will shrink, the string will pop out, and the arrow will shoot out immediately. A copper cover with a single round hole can be mounted on the handle of the crossbow arm. There is a small round hole on both sides of the cover. The upper and copper covers of the crossbow machine are inlaid with silver curly moire

戰國晚期至漢 錯銀弩機

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