Bronze seal cast with “Li mu zhi xi”, Warring States period

Bronze seal cast with “Li ABCD”, Warring States period

  • Image Number:K1A001714N000000000PAB
  • Dynamy:Warring States period
  • Category:Bronze
  • Function:SealMaterial:Mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:
    Nose button, On the printed surface, there are four characters in white, namely, “Li Mu Zhi”. The writing method of “Zhi” is mostly found in the Yi inscriptions of the Warring States Period. The allusion of “standing a tree” occurred in the 10th year of King Xianwang of Zhou (359 BC) in the early Warring States Period, which was the 3rd year of Emperor Xiaogong of Qin. Wei Yang wanted to reform, and moved the tree to build a trust with the people; After Qin Xiaogong died (338 BC), Wei Yang was killed. The “wooden pole” may be the seal of the State of Qin during this period

戰國 「立木之璽」銅印
图片[2]-Bronze seal cast with “Li mu zhi xi”, Warring States period-China Archive
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