Jade bird pendant, mid-Warring States period, 375-276 BCE

Japan bird pendent, mid Warring States period, 375-276 BCE

  • Image Number:K1C003251N000000000PAC
  • Dynamy:Warring States period
  • Category:Japan
  • Function:Clothing and accessories
  • Material:Mineral/jade Jewelry/jade, As it has been handed down for many years, most of them have become maroon. In addition to the tether perforation on the central axis, there is also a perforation on the left and right sides. The components of the jade pendant of the Warring States Period need to be strung up and down. It is normal that there are lace perforations on both sides. However, due to the uneven height of the left and right perforations, it may be the holes newly drilled by future generations to change the jade bird into inlay, so as to fix the jade bird on other artifacts

戰國中期 玉鳥佩
图片[2]-Jade bird pendant, mid-Warring States period, 375-276 BCE-China Archive
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