Jade dragon pendant, early Warring States period (475-376 BCE)

Japan dragon pendent, early Warring States period (475-376 BCE)

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  • Dynamy:Warring States period
  • Category:Japan
  • <function:Clothing and accessories
  • Material:Mineral/Jade Jewelry/Jade
  • Description:
    Green grey uneven jade, The local part of the organ margin is slightly stained brown. It can be seen from the outline that the jade dragon is designed according to the triangular jade material, and the tail has several differences to match the shape of the jade material. The dragon body decoration comes from the tradition of the late Spring and Autumn Period, but it gradually disintegrates and becomes the cloud valley pattern. It is difficult to identify the relationship with the original unit, which is the characteristics of the decoration from the turn of the Spring and Autumn Period to the early Warring States Period

戰國早期 玉龍佩
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