He spouted ewer with copper-inlaid chi-dragon design, mid to late Spring and Autumn period, c. 7th-5th century BCE

He spilled new with copper inlaid chi dragon design, mid to late Spring and Autumn period, c. 7th to 5th century BCE

  • Image Number:C1A000416N000000000PAB
  • Dynamy:Spring and Autumn period
  • Category:Bronzes
  • <Arch ival dimension:Overall height 24.7 caliber 11.2 cm
  • Function:ritual vessel, Container
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:. The lifting beam is connected with the flow, and the cover button is connected with the lifting beam by circular refining. The short stream is used as the animal head to open the mouth, and the two ends of the arched lifting beam are also shaped by the animal head. All the decorations are inlaid with red copper. The handle is decorated with arrow pattern. The flat cover is decorated with three bird patterns. The abdomen is decorated with two convex string patterns separated by three layers. The shoulder is decorated with dragon patterns and bird patterns. The middle and lower layers of the abdominal wall are decorated with dragon patterns and diamond patterns. The decoration of inlaying red copper on the surface of bronze ware began about the middle of the Spring and Autumn Period

春秋中晚期 嵌紅銅螭紋盉

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