Hu jar of Geng, late Spring and Autumn period, 570-476 BCE

Hu jar of Geng, late Spring and Autumn period, 570-476 BCE

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  • Function:ritual vessels, Container
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:. The belly is decorated with a convex string pattern. The inscription is located on the surface of the utensil, starting from the neck to the convex chord lines on the abdomen, with 27 lines from left to right. Some characters can be identified in 170 words, One word of repeated text: “Only at the beginning of the first month of the reign of the king was the auspicious Ding Hai. Uncle Wu, the grandson of the king of Yan and the son of the right division, said Geng, chose his lucky gold to cast his toilet pot. The Qi army surrounded the Lai, Cui Zi held the drum, and Geng entered the palace. The □ was dedicated to the place of Linggong, and the official said,” Brave! Brave! Reward it with the capital, clothing fur, chariots and horses. “In the body of □, Geng led a hundred boats to enter Ju, and from the river to attack □ Qiu, and killed those who fought with it, and captured their women. The □ boat □ Qiu □ was dedicated to the place of the □, Reward them with troops, chariots and horses. To garrison the land □, their Wang Sifang’s silk is stacked on the same tree, □ No □

春秋晚期 庚壺

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