dish BM-1984-0303.24

Period:Ming dynasty Production date:1643 (circa)
Technique:glazed, underglazed,
Subjects:landscape snow
Dimensions:Diameter: 19.50 centimetres Height: 4 centimetres

Porcelain dish with underglaze blue decoration. This shallow dish has rounded sides which elegantly slope inwards at the rim and stands on a low straight foot ring. Inside it is painted with a snowscape showing a man, wearing a short robe and trousers, carrying a ‘hu’-shaped wine jar and running towards another man half-appearing at the door of a pavilion at the edge of a river. Outside it is covered with a blue-white matte glaze and the base carries a six-character underglaze blue Xuande reign mark in a double ring.
图片[1]-dish BM-1984-0303.24-China Archive

Comments:Harrison-Hall 2001:This dish is unusual among Chinese ceramics as its decorative surface is used as a single canvas, with the design covering the middle of the dish as well as the cavetto. The landscape, pine tree and pavilion are all covered in snow, which is also unusual in porcelain decoration. The dish was one of twelve recovered from the Hatcher wreck (see BM 1984.0303.11a and b) with overall designs and no border decoration. They show figural illustrations from the novel “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” with figures in landscapes, gardens or a design of Bodhidharma crossing the Yangzi on a leaf. The cargo is datable to c. 1643.
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