dish BM-PDF-B.679

Period:Ming dynasty Production date:1426-1435
Technique:underglazed, anhua,

Dimensions:Diameter: 178 millimetres Height: 40 millimetres

Porcelain dish. Underglaze blue with two horizontal five-clawed dragons on dense pale blue wave ground with rocks around the exterior. Inside in centre, a five-clawed dragon on similar wave ground. Anhua design around cavetto of two dragons painted in slip. There is an inscription on the base.
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Comments:Published PDF date : Ming Xuande 1426-1435 Room 95 label text:PDF B679 Dish with dragons on pale blue waves This shallow dish is decorated with a fierce dragon with spiky spine, open jaws and flexed claws. His scaly body is depicted in uneven deep blue tones against a light ground of line-drawn pale blue waves with white crests. Outside, two more dragons are depicted in the same way but shown in profile, one pursuing the other who turns his head back. There are four evenly spaced groups of rocks also in deep blue around which the line-drawn pale blue waves crash. In the cavetto are two further暗花 (anhua ‘secret or hidden decoration’) dragons. Porcelain with anhua and underglaze cobalt-blue decorationJingdezhen, Jiangxi province 江西省, 景德鎮Ming dynasty, Xuande mark and period, AD 1426–35 PDF B679波涛龙纹盘這件淺盤內裝飾以一條威猛的龍紋,張口,背脊有尖,龍爪彎曲有力。 身有鱗甲,以呈色深濃有層次的青花描繪,背景輕亮為線描的淺淡藍色波濤,浪峰為白色。外壁兩條龍紋描畫類似,但為側面相追,前者轉頭后顧。四組等距分布的深青色礁岩之外,有線描的淡青色波濤激蕩。內壁凹弧處環繞兩條暗花(意為秘密或隱藏的裝飾)龍。瓷器,暗花,青花江西省景德鎮明代,宣德,宣德款,1426-1435年
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